My Spicey Hooray for Independence Day!

Many people, like myself, enjoy getting together with family and friends to celebrate this glorious American tradition. Maybe you take your celebration on vacation, or stay in Phoenix for the holiday, you can always anticipate enjoying delicious food. As much as I like to be behind the lens capturing memories, I also really enjoy being apart of the festivities. Enjoying fun in the sun with my family is definitely a great time, but I also love to be in the kitchen or out by the grill preparing a fabulous Fourth of July Feast! I wanted to share with you my favorite Fourth of July Recipes. And maybe you'll find yourself enjoying the deliciousness with me! Without further adieu, here's my fourth of July salsa recipe:

Can’t Get Any Fresher Salsa

Growing up so close to the border of Mexico, Mexican food has become a part of my life. As aforementioned, my family and I enjoy cooking during the holidays. The Mexican food in Yuma, Arizona is by far the best.  Even when you travel an hour away from my home town, the Mexican food just doesn’t taste the same.  Although I am far from perfecting my own Mexican food, I can do one thing right, chips and salsa!  Chips and salsa is not only easy peasy, but its also good for you.  

You don’t have to be in a Mexican food restaurant or serving a Mexican cuisine to enjoy chips and salsa.  It goes with almost anything.  Chips and salsa is by far one of my favorite Fourth of July Recipes.  You can snack on it as an appetizer, or coordinate into your meal.  You seriously can’t go wrong with a great bowl of salsa – whether it’s for a party, business event, potluck, or afternoon by the pool!  Don’t expect any leftovers with this one!