phoenix-photography-image-of-multiple-toys-for-game-of-i-spy-fun-family-photographerIf you’re looking for something to do to pass the time, you’ve come to the right place. My family and I had a blast hiding these hidden objects in my son’s sandbox! Finding time to spend with your children while being able to stay productive is a common them in our household.

Click on the sandbox picture to the right to get a larger view of all of the hidden images.

I love being able to take pictures and share them with everyone and this is my way of trying to incorporate some fun! I hope everyone enjoys – and make sure to share the pictures once you’ve found the corresponding hidden objects!

20 Hidden Objects and 1 BONUS Reflection!

Sharing Photography in Arizona

The biggest struggle for me since beginning my Phoenix photography business has been brand recognition. There are so many great photographers in the valley that it’s hard to compete against them. The only way I’m able to generate interest in my business is through public sharing – outside of paid advertising. This is a fun post that creates online activity for all of my followers. Although it’s nothing close to one of my wedding photo shoots, finding all of these hidden objects allows me to showcase different forms of my creative ability.

I’d prefer to utilize word of mouth as it’s the strongest from of advertising. The best way for you to aid me in my goals is to share each picture once you’ve found the hidden objects. Tell your friends on Twitter about this post so I’m able to gauge user engagement. Create a unique has tag like #FindTheHiddenObjects or #PhoenixPhotography. Most of the time, people are browsing Facebook looking at other’s pictures while searching for some sort of interaction or community game. Finding hidden objects is a great way to pass the time. Whether you Pin it on Pinterest or “like” my images elsewhere, every share is appreciated.

Thank you for the read and I look forward to capturing your smiles, styles, and everything worthwhile in the near future!