Christmas Photo Tips for Baby with Danielle Jacqueline.

The holiday season arrives at the same time every year - but it still tends to sneak up on everyone. As we scramble around trying to make the most out of the holidays, it's important that we don't forget about those that are closest to us. Most importantly, capturing our children as they grow. This is why I wanted to take a brief minute out of your Thanksgiving weekend to highlight some Christmas photo ideas for baby! Just like this time of year, time with our kids comes and goes quickly. Although we can always relive, renew, or redo Christmas - we can never recapture the moments our little ones bring us. So here's some of the ways I enjoy capturing mine!
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Getting Started

When it comes to coming up with Christmas photo tips for baby, we’re really only limited to our own creativity. Overthinking things can really hinder the outcome, so try to keep it simple. I tend to put too much thought into my endeavors so managing smaller photo shoots is right up my alley! In most cases, creating adorable Christmas photos is as simple as using and working around what you already have. A day after Thanksgiving, I realize that I have a lot of things around me that I can appreciate!  So, when it comes to choreographing a Christmas holiday shoot, I can’t wait to get started!


Finding Props to Use for your Christmas Capture.

christmas-photo-ideas-for-baby-during-the-arizona-holiday-season-in-surprise-az-with-danielle-newborn-pictures-and-themes-with-props-in-custom-studio-sessionI’m sure everyone has a box of Christmas decorations somewhere. It’s hard for me to throw anything away, so I have all kinds of cool things from past holidays – even if they don’t function anymore.  Look for lights, ornaments, signs, faux Christmas trees, snowmen, angels, reindeer, wrapping paper, bows, etc..  If you’re worried about tying all the decor in together to ensure everything matches, always remember “less is more”.  Moreover, you can always set up a few different variations to see which one comes out the best.

When it comes to setting up your display, there are plenty of household items that came come in handy. If you’re struggling to come up with creative Christmas photo tips for baby, try to walk around the home for additional props and ideas.  Look for red, green, silver, gold, or white blankets or bed sheets to use as a prop or backdrop.  If you’re not satisfied with the materials you have, try using wrapping paper as a back drop. A seamless backdrop makes a huge difference. You can even use some of the wrapping paper to cover an open box for baby to sit in – or next to.  Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to be creative and think outside of the box. 😉 No pun intended.

Finding Inspiration Through Christmas Cheer.

There are a ton of Christmas photo ideas for baby on the internet.  One of my favorite places to find inspiration is Pinterest. I’m confident you’ll be able to find an idea or two here. Feel free to browse through some of my boards.  Don’t be afraid to add your own twist on an idea you found from the internet. Developing something original is always the most rewarding. Besides, making something your own is all the more fun.  Even if you mirror someone else’s idea, try to change the background, pose, or props to customize your presentation.

Finding the Perfect Angle and Shot.

christmas-photo-sessions-for-babies-and-families-in-surprise-arizona-during-the-2016-holiday-seasonI try capture practice shots that use all of the props I’ve allocated. This way, I’m able to visually compare what looks better. As I mentioned before, sometimes less is more – so try not to overwhelm the photograph with a ton of elements. Remember that the only thing important in this memory is the baby. They should be the center of attention, not Frosty or Santa.

Once you’ve determined what types of shots will look the best, it’s time to begin placing your little bundle of joy. Even if you’ve solidified your shots, remember that it’s going to be difficult to keep your baby still and happy. Consider using someone to help you throughout to ensure you’re not struggling all afternoon. 🙂  Additionally, don’t be afraid to move your little one around. Try placing baby in a rocking chair (as I did), then quickly lay them on a blanket while they’re still smiling. As a mother myself, I understand that having a process makes everything easier. In other words, plan your steps beforehand so you’re not struggling throughout.

If you’re capturing an interior photo shoot with natural light, make sure you’re shooting at the best time of day. Direct sun can cause squinting and a late afternoon sun might not be enough. If you’re participating in an outdoor shoot in Arizona, the best time tends to be early morning or late afternoon.  Lighting can make or break your final images.