Capturing Fall Family Photos in Surprise, Arizona

Does the fall season make you think of gold, yellow, orange, and red colors? Associating color variations with an event or season is very common in your subconscious. At the same time, a majority of these colors aren't as naturally prevalent in Surprise, Arizona - if you're comparing our city to other parts of the country. So, is there a way for you to capture idealistic fall family photos in Surprise, AZ? Of course you can! Let's discuss some of the methods we use at Danielle Jacqueline Photography.
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The Autumn Family

Meet Brian, Meaka, and Zachary. They’re a fabulous little family that I was able to spend time with photographing.  Zachary (2) was so much fun!  He kept me on my toes and made sure there was never a dull moment throughout the 1/2 hour.

Family sessions including small children normally require a few adjustments, and this photo shoot was no different. During the first few moments, Zachary experienced a bloody nose that needed to be tended to – oh boys. Zachary was definitely in full affect as an exploring toddler and shortly after the bloody nose, we ended up finding one of our props covered in ants!


Tending to Toddlers During Fall Family Photos

Some people may find it intimidating to photograph such spitfire, but I embraced it as I have one of my own. Natural smirks, smiles, and genuine interaction tend to provide photographers with a unique reward that normally turns into some of the best images. Purposeful photography is all about capturing smiles, styles, and everything worthwhile.

How could I ever truly live up to my slogan if my clients were constantly frozen in an uncomfortable pose?  If I have to chase little ones around or lay on the ground and get a little dirty – then thats exactly what I will do 🙂  However, I’ll set myself a reminder for the next fall family photo shoot including a child, so I don’t forget my birding gummy bears again.  Ha!


Harnessing Natural Lighting

The trick to capturing fall family photos in Surprise, Arizona is utilizing the “golden hour”  This time takes place about an hour before the sun goes down.  The sunset casts a golden hue – and if you capture it just right the images can be stunning.  To enhance your fall session, you can even manipulate your edits to make them look like a true fall season in Surprise, Arizona.

Color Coordinating Your Fall Family Photos

Another creative way to enhance your fall family photos in Arizona is to ask your subjects to wear the colors your session setting is lacking.  Momma decided to wear a burgundy dress and it really adds to the shades of reds you would normally see in a true fall season.  Dad went with a neutral color that accents all of the green while little Zachary has a color combination of the two.This approach allowed us to round out some of our missing colors without going overboard.  Your outfits play a important role in the look of your fall family photos.  So, if you’re not exactly sure what  will work, feel free to ask your photographer for advice. I know I am always more than happy to help!


Using Props During Fall Photography Sessions

Don’t forget about the props as they can play an important role in the story that you want your images to tell friends and family.  In this scenario, we added a neutral-colored pumpkin.  Without a simple prop or theme, you may never know these fall family photos were taken weeks before Halloween or during the fall season. The pumpkin signifies the season here, alongside the colder weather clothing options. Less is more in most cases, and there’s no need to overdo our fall theme – Especially if it distracts us from these big, beautiful blue eyes.


Thank you to Meaka!

..for allowing me to show off your fun and beautiful family 🙂