On this day of prayer, I challenge you to share a prayer request for someone or something in your life that needs the love of God aligned. The National Day of Prayer is often considered a day of reflection while highlighting individual needs. Instead, we should look around us and see all that God has given us and continues to share with us. Although it’s hard, avoid the negativity in life as we all face our own storms and battles – count your blessings and consider the life you have as one from above. Remind your children that their heath and well-being shouldn’t be taken advantage of. Not everything may go as we plan or assume, but if we put our faith in God, we can do all things.

So, remember others, the golden rule, and areas of opportunity in our own lives to make a lasting impact on those around us. Utilize social media to spread prayer requests by using the hashtag #PrayWithMe. Find me on all of my social media pages listed below and tag me so my family and I can ask God for a healing hand, guidance, sustainability, success, hope, happiness, or strength with you. As a country, we all need to band together, especially on the National Day of Prayer.