hot-baby-by-pool-in-phoenix-arizona-for-danielle-jacqueline-photographys-summer-portraitsAs the summer approaches, most Arizonans aren’t pondering outdoor photography. If they didn’t get their family portraits taken during the Easter weekend, then they’re most likely waiting until the fall to follow through with this group event. High school seniors may be looking to take their senior pictures at the last minute, but in most cases they’re long completed by May. I tend to take over my family’s lives with photography during the spring as nature’s beauty always takes my breath away. But, since beginning a blog, I wanted to discuss this transition by helping everyone not sweat the summer months. Yes, Spring photos are great and all, but why not overachieve with summer portraits?

Here are a few tips on how to improve photography taken during the summer. I also included a few ways to capture moments until fall re-arrives. Many people simply refuse to do anything above and beyond during the hot months of the year – but I challenge you to take advantage. I always do and I never regret it!

Carry over the color of Spring into the Summer


When you think of Spring photography, you tend to think of brilliant colors and blossoming flowers. There’s normally a cool breeze, chirping birds, and some sort of rush of water (not so much in Arizona). But my point is, when you think of this time of year, this is what your mind tends to assimilate.

This is why photography during Spring months is so popular. Although the weather is great, I think it tends to do more with the end of the school year and a handful of back to back to back colorful holidays. I know the summer is unbearable at times, but there’s also a plethora of activities one can only take part in during the hot months of the year. The USA Today discusses some activities here.

“Cooler” Summer Portraits

When is discuss the term “cool” – I’m not referring to the other side of the pillow or your high school popularity scale. Take advantage of you Phoenix photographer’s editing skills and ask them to cool off your pictures. Yes, this is possible. If you view the image above, you’ll notice the background of the wall first and foremost. The color of her shirt is great, but the deep colors of the stone creates a cooling image versus the one below.



Not that this photograph is bad – but this image captures a different angle of light, making it seem warmer. When the sun is shining – and it sure is bright in Arizona – consider the angles you’re using so your able to capture the perfect image. It’s hard to avoid sun rays in Phoenix, but it’s never a bad idea to wait for a cloud or two!

Both of these pictures were taken in the same spot and both turned out entirely different. Although it may be a little uncomfortable to take part in a photo session during the summer, there are some “cool” pictures to be had!

Activities and Summer Portraits in AZ

Since we’ve discussed all of the activities to take part in, now let’s put 2 and 2 together as my favorite type of photography happens to be action shots. I’ve said this before, but an action shot can be easily defined and the smiles and emotions are always genuine and real. The summer months in Phoenix are spent by some indoors – but at the pool by many. Hire a photographer for your summer pool parties and sleepovers. Take the kids paint balling and pay a photographer (Like me) to play! Journey north of Phoenix and get lost in the hiking trails and fishing destinations. Meet some friends at the local watering hole or summing resort for an afternoon of fun. What ever happened to slip n slides? Set up your own backyard watermark and remember it all with immaculate photography!


The kids are out of school and the snow birds have disappeared! Take advantage of the summer months instead of wasting them away indoors. There are ways to capture moments in your life while exploring during the hottest time of the year, you just need to find them. Throughout the valley, we spent a lot of time planning and traveling during the summer and it’s time to take advantage while taking pictures of this timeframe. Don’t allow it to be a yearly handicap anymore – beat the heat!

Even though the Spring is known for amazing photography in our beautiful state of Arizona – extend the season into June for memorable and fun summer portraits with Danielle Jacqueline Photography. Stay healthy, hydrated, and hopeful until August – and in the meantime capture all of those smiles, styles, and everything worthwhile!