Family photography is a big part of my life and one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. Capturing unique moments of happiness created by those that care for each other generally generates the most amazing images. Possessing the ability to look into a portrait and feel the aura of the moment is truly special.

Easter Sunday in America is one of the biggest family holidays of the year. While flowers begin to blossom and the summer grass begins growing, the weather in Arizona is enjoyable for everyone. Spring is in the air and it’s important that you capture the moments you spend outdoors before the heatwave arrives in a few months. Easter is the best time to do so.

Every year, my daughters receive new colorful sundresses and we all dress to impress as we glorify Jesus for rising from the dead.

easter-photography-ideas-by-danielle-jacqueline-photography-a-phoenix-family-photographer-also-in-surprise-arizonaFamily pictures have been important to me during this time of year as the season tends to remind us what we should be thankful for.

God sent his son to die FOR us, just as most of us would die for our loved ones or own children. In my opinion, this is why it’s so easy for most families to maximize enjoyment of one another after a heart-felt Easter Sunday sermon.

It’s beautiful outside. Everyone is together. We’re reminded of the love sent from above. Share it through a photograph!

Planning your Easter Sunday Photo-shoot

As I’ve mentioned before, the most difficult step of a family photo shoot is gathering everyone together. Easter photography ideas are endless for families when everyone is near. Typically, your Sunday afternoon is pretty structured as tradition has taken over throughout the years. Alter the normal routine and ask a photographer and their family to join you for a few hours.

Spend some time at the park or conduct an Easter egg hunt in the nearby woods. Entertain everyone with a backyard Arizona barbecue and sprinkle in action shots of loving interaction and affection. Even without a script or “shot-list” – a photo session on Easter can create the most colorful and memorable images that relay the true colors of you and your family. Take advantage of your Phoenix photographer and capture images of soon-to-be-graduates for them to use for their senior pictures.

Arizona Easter Photography Ideas

colorful easter baskets for easter photography ideas by danielle jacqueline photographyEaster baskets are one of my favorite props for this type of holiday photography. Showcasing these with matching outfits is easier said than done. When planning your shoot, consider purchasing new outfits for your children that match their candy-carriers! Taking advantage of the way everyone looks is the easiest approach.

I love action shots during conversations. Capture friends and family members exiting church in their colorful attire. Encourage your kids to capture nature while sitting on a tree branch or wandering through Arizona wildflowers. Create fun poses for everyone to enjoy! Most of all, make sure everyone is involved and entertained throughout.

When reminiscing about Easter Sunday, most of us sift through old photographs of Easter egg hunts. Why not capture the process of hiding them? Engage adults or older children by making the egg-hiding-process fun or even competitive. Again, this is where action shots turn out great!

Our little hunters and gatherers

baby-j-crushing-his-Easter-eggs-on-sunday-during-the-easter-egg-hunt-in-surprise-arizona-by-danielle-jacqueline-easter-photography-ideas-in-phoenix-azOrchestrate your scavenger hunt or egg hunt so you’re able to manage the entire process. Improving your ability to capture more children during extended moments will help you capture awesome photos. Structure the hunt and make sure there are great backdrops and other family members close by. This improves the depth of the photo so it’s more appealing to viewers.

This year, my son really enjoyed smashing his eggs while my youngest daughter delicately preserved hers. I was able to capture a few pictures that relayed this clearly. Challenge yourself to explore new angles and viewpoints when photographing your Easter photography ideas. I was able to obtain an image of the bottom of my son’s shoe as he stepped away from the crushed pink egg on the ground. Sometimes a simple picture can become a really cool picture. 🙂

One of my favorite portions of the day is watching children dig into their baskets. This enables me to capture numerous personalities and shades of excitement. Whether it’s chocolate covered faces or stuffed animals receiving strangling hugs – images of children easily make my day!

Keep in mind different settings for your Easter photography ideas. As aforementioned, a poor background can dull an image. Detail in the background, especially on a colorful day like Easter, can take your photography to the next level. If you’re able to incorporate a bunny suit, the possibilities are endless!

Tips for a memorable Arizona Easter Sunday

  • Take advantage of the beautiful Arizona weather and spend as much time outdoors. Let the sun shine on your Easter Sunday while rays of sunshine compliment smiles and laughter. Take advantage of sunrises and early sunsets this time of year as casted shadows create the most amazing photographs.
  • Change Easter up a little – escape the typical family routine of church, brunch, egg hunting and candy. I encourage you to continue to begin your day by celebrating the rising of Jesus, but don’t be afraid to have a family picnic or barbecue. Take over your local park and extend the celebration throughout the entire day!
  • Use surrounding areas such as monuments, mountain ranges, main streets, or churches. Encompass the beauty of Phoenix alongside it’s amazing structures and nature. Most of us wear bright colors on Easter Sunday – research areas with tons of color and bright spaces to maximize exposure!
  •  Start your own family tradition. Make your Easter event exciting and enjoyable so everyone involved looks forward to a bigger and better 2016 celebration. Capture a headshot of everyone for you to compare every year moving forward!baby easter egg hunt by danielle jacqueline photography for easter photography ideas


Dressing Occasionally

When you think of Easter what colors come to mind?  Pastels, right?!  Get your color inspiration from a bag of Easter M&M’s.  Pastel pinks, purples, greens, blues, and yellows.  I chose to go with peach, pink, and blue patterns this year. Boys in one color and girls in another always works!

Directed Photo Shoot

Place, point, and shoot. Choose a location with lots of green foliage or fully bloomed flowers.  Maybe you have a pool with a rock waterfall. If your finding it difficult to set your family up in the perfect spot, maybe you have a spot that needs a little something extra.  Grab a wooden bar stool and place a flower arrangement on it, or sit your smallest child on the stool and place the flower or plant arrangement on the ground.  Locate your children’s Easter baskets to use for props.  Remember when choosing your outdoor location you want to stay out of direct sunlight.  Keep everyone under shade to avoid unflattering shadows on their face.

All Natural Photo Shoot

When your attempting to keep a more natural look for photos you have to avoid directing.  Your shooting moving targets that are running, dashing, and jumping trying to be the first to find all the eggs.  You want to remain behind the lens away from the scene as much as you can.  Try blending in and not being too obvious, as children tend to be distracted from being themselves when a camera is directly on them.  Your goal is capture the raw natural moment.  When using the Easter Egg Hunt as your Easter photography idea remember to focus on more than faces.

How cute are those chubby little hands reaching after that colorful Easter egg?  Those are special memories, so don’t be afraid to go after them.  Shoot above your children (heaven shot) while they’re admiring the eggs they raced to find. You’re taking a quick adventure and breaking it down into sweet moments of precious memories that will last far beyond the last egg. Remember to enjoy the weather before the heat wave comes!

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