4th of July Desserts: Spiced Peach Cobbler

As our 3rd blog of this series, we wanted to help you all with the desert portion of the holiday. This recipe is easy to use and amazing to eat. Enjoy!

My Fourth of July desserts recipes end an eventful day of grilling & celebrating our nation’s independence.  Although I try to leave room for dessert, I need to try to do a better job taming my wild sweet tooth.  4th of July desserts are just as important as the numerous meals you digest throughout the remainder of the day, right?!

I have a recipe that is super easy, and doesn’t lack deliciousness.  It’s so easy in fact, you can turn this job over to your kiddos if you’re feeling froggy!  My girls love helping me in the kitchen, and I love it when they can make something that’s simple and they can be proud of. Depending on how much sugar you end up using, this 4th of July dessert isn’t too unhealthy – which allows everyone to enjoy it even more. If you like peaches and cake you are sure to love my Peach Cobbler with a little kick!

Use some sugar cookies, vanilla ice cream, or some whipped cream if you’d like to “spice” up this dessert even more. Enjoy! 🙂